Himalaya Vedic World was established in 2007, Himalaya Vedic offers Sacred Vedic Products and Services and provide genuine and authentic Gemstones, Rudrakshas, Rosaries and other Sacred Products and also host broad services like Spiritual Tourism, Vedic Pujas and many more. We consider it a privilege to serve you and promise to live up to your expectations as the very motto of us is to bring to light all that is 'True and Just. Find our services

Vedic Retreats


If you are searching for a meaningful life then our divine tours can help you in self discovery and reconnecting with the natural environment. We are not a promoter of any specific faith or religion but a facilitator of the culture of spirituality. Away from the pressures of modern living, these spiritual vacations can bring you greater enlightenment and may help in fostering an emerging spiritual renaissance.

Vedic Pujas

Vedic Pujas are performed at various occasions. These pujas can be performed for an individual and also for a group of people belonging to one or more families. If due to some reasons a person can’t take part in the puja then in his absence, puja can also be performed for his wishes or ‘sankalp’. All types of our pujas and homas are performed by highly experienced pundits who are well versed in the intricacies of these vedic rituals. These pujas and homas can be performed at some temples in Uttarakhand. Explore All Pujas

Our Products


Our Remedies products (Gems, Rudraksha & other artcles) are purified and energized (on request) to remove any negative planetary radiations in in life, this step which is called ShudhiKaran and Praan Pratishtha of the article. This procedure when done properly can increase the positive potential and effects of a article to great extent. However this procedure can be done only by the Brahmin (Priest) specializing in this field. Article is then energized with the help of some specific procedures including Poojas and Mantras to produce better results. About our products

Gems & Remedies


You can find and select the desired Gemstone for you after the analysis of your Horoscope according to vedic astrology , we suggest you the most suitable Gemstone carefully with approx weight of the Gemstone. Read More

Vedic Horoscope & Reports

The Vedic Horoscope or Indian Astrology Chart tells about our future and guides us to achieve better future and successful life. We provide accurate Vedic Horoscope (Janampatrika) with a detailed minute calculation as in Vedic Astrology. These reports generally will give the Interpretation of Planetary position, General characteristics, Nakshatra and its effects, Favourable and Lucky points in horoscope, Sadesati of Sani (Saturn), Nature, Tendencies, Characteristics, etc. Explore Reports

Vedic Pujas Testimonials