Ashtadhatu (8 metals) Sri Yantra One Piece

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5,100.00 ($85.00)
AST1- 003

The Ashtadhathu Sri Yantra is a special Sri Yantra made up of eight metals mixed and moulded to give optimal results. Sri Chakra/Sri Yantra is the abode of Lalitha Sri MahaTripurasundari and houses all 330 million gods. This mixture of eight metals make the Yantra stronger, long lasting and able to attract divinity into your home than any standard yantra. It attracts maximum health, wealth and prosperity along with correcting any vastu defects in your home/office. Regular puja to the Sri Yantra blesses the person four purusharthas (Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha). Keeping Sri Yantra eliminates any negative energies along with purifying the area. Kumkum archana or puja with flowers/incense/deepa/chandan is recommended along with reading of Lalitha Sahasranama/Sri Suktha/Sapthasathi which we supply to you upon purchase of this yantra. So invite divinity into your life with this Sri Yantra.

650 gm appx
Ashtadhatu (8 Metals) One Piece no cutting

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