Awakening with Shiva Retreat

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“Awakening with Shiva” is all about awakening your soul.This Mahakumbh 2021 will be held at Haridwar (The Gateway of God), and SHIVA Trust intends to adore mental peace, spirituality, and physical health with the “Awakening with SHIVA” program.

Imagine an abode that is energized with heavenly vibes, where the air, water, and everything remains charged with the divine force. A place where taking a holy dip in the glorified Ganges water encourages spiritual growth, emotional strength, and leads you on the path of salvation (Moksha), may only seem to be an unattainable bliss.

But in the sublime God’s world, everything is possible, even during this unprecedented phase of COVID-19. That’s the reason why SHIVA Trust welcomes all the devotees to the Mahakumbh Retreat 2021 under the “Awakening of Shiva” program, to let the devotees experience the power of divinity & embrace the spiritual secret of Hindu religion – Meditation & Introspection.

This program is developed by SHIVA Trust with an intention to appease Lord Shiva to take up all the sufferings and inspire us with the gift of purity and a fulfilled life. SHIVA trust is willing to amalgamate the spiritual energy of this festivity or cultural retreat with the power of Shiva Yoga, divine chants (Keertans), and Mantras specially in Mahakumbh festival.

To fill the environment with peace and bliss, Shiva Trust also performs Laghu Rudra Puja (Maha Rudrabhishek Puja) with other puja rituals. The purpose is to make the devotees feel that they are under the influence of Lord Shiva, the omnipresent. And combining spirituality with the purity of Yoga makes the ambiance even more mystical.

Highlights of the Retreat

3 Days full Resident Program (9 - 11 April 2021)

Basic Yoga & Pranayama sessions in the morning

A holy dip in the divine Ganges' with Puja Ritual

Ganga Aarti with blissful chants & Mantras

Introduction to Shiva Yoga & Deeksha

Nada Yoga, chants, and Keertan in the evening time

Training to maintain creative consciousness in modern life

Booking Information

Due to the COVID-19 situation, devotees can attend all the activities live if they cannot be present in person.

Also, the devotees can donate as per their wish through any suitable medium.

To know more about this retreat program, contact: or whatsapp +91 7465839601

Let us all gather together while transcending boundaries of nationality, state, religion, caste & creed, and move towards a soulful and spiritual journey.

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