Baglamukhi Japa and Homa Puja

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Baglamukhi maintains the eighth significant position among all the ten (Das) Mahavidya’s. Bagalamukhi Puja is performed according to Vedic rituals. This puja helps to defeat our external enemies as well as internal enemies i.e kama, krodha, lobha, moha & ahankar. With this puja sadhak gets control not only over their negative thoughts but also they have a full control over the external world. Puja of ma baglamukhi gives the sadhak self knowledge along with immense strength and power to lead a right path in his life.

Baglamukhi is worshipped for power, victory, protection for cuts, scars, operations and accidents and dominance over enemies. She helps achieve success in law-suits and competitions as well as pacify quarrels to the worshipper's advantage. Her worship is also effective in warding off evil persons, spirits and Yakshani.Baglamukhi is identified with the second night of courage and is the power or Shakti of cruelty. She is described as the Devi with three eyes, wearing yellow clothes and gems, moon as her diadem, wearing champaka blossoms, with one hand holding the tongue of an enemy and with the left hand spiking him, thus should you meditate on the paralyser of the three worlds. Seated on the right of Bagala is the Maharudra, with one face, who dissolves the universe. Bagalamukhi means "The Crane-Headed One". This bird is thought of as the essence of deceit. She rules magic for the suppression of an enemy's gossip. She rules deceit which is at the heart of most speech. She can in this sense be considered as a terrible or Bhairavi form of Matrika Devi, the mother of all speech.

The main objectives of this puja are:

Removes all the sorrows and gives confidence, fearlessness and courage.

Fills the minds and hearts of the devotees with a positive energy to move the success path

Removes the debts and enhances prosperity at home

Fear of enemies is removed and the devotee experiences a great degree of comfort in mind. The enemies will no more be able to confront you. They will grow powerless when trying to act against you and their vicious plots will turn futile and ineffective.

Students get good marks and get a focused mind to concentrate on the studies better.

The devotee triumphs over lawsuits and succeeds in quarrels and competitions.

If there are fluctuations in your life, this mantra can help balance the positive and negative aspects and establish harmony in home and life.

Puja Features

This Puja will perform at Mahakali Ashram Temple (Das Mahavidya Temple) at Haridwar.

Sthapana (Ganesh, Devi, Navgraha Kalash, Brahma), Swasti Vachan, Sankalp, Ganesh Pujan, Navgraha Puja, Invocation of major Gods, Brahman Varn, Puja of Baglamukhi devi, Baglamukhi yantra Puja, Mantra Jaap, Baglamukhi Kavach recitation, Havan with Ahutis of Honey, Ghee, Sugar, Til, Yellow mustard, & then Aarti, Pushpaanjali.

Japam can be done 3600 times or 36000 times and 125000 times.

3600 Japam will be performed by two priests in one day

36000 Japam will be performed by three priests in two days

125000 Japam will be performed by seven priests in five day

Homa will be performed on the Last day of Puja


After booking any puja package, the devotees will be asked to provide their personal details for Puja.

Where a date is not mentioned, we process the puja request order and allot a suitable day and Muhurta (auspicious time) according to the birth details provided by the devotee.

Our online pujas are conducted at temples in Rishikesh, Haridwar and Dehradun.

Once booking is done, it cannot be cancelled but the puja date can be altered on request.

For online puja packages, the devotees will get their Prasad through courier / post.

Apart from booking puja packages online, the devotees can also join these rituals personally.

Booking Enquiry & Help

For Baglamukhi Japa and Homa Puja charges & other details please call +91-9760678037 or contact us

Baglamukhi Japa and Homa Puja can be done as following ways :

Japam 3600 times followed by Homa

Japam 36000 times followed by Homa

Japam 125000 times followed by Homa

The charges include puja offerings and its arrangement. If you wish to join this puja personally then you will have to travel on your own expenses to the puja location.

Puja can be booked with single or multiple names. All the names will be recited during Sankalpa.

Upto four persons are allowed to join this Puja.

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