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Bhrigu Nadi Astro 3.5 - Bhrigu Nadi Astro 3.5 interprets the mathematical combinations of any event based on the astral and natal calculations of Nadi astrology based on Bhrigu, R.G. Rao system and other Nadi System.

Bhrigu Nandi Nadi is an antiquated type of soothsaying that permits the expert to see the locals entire life in the natal outline. Albeit this sounds straightforward, much information should be acquired before this can be drilled.

Bhrigu Nandi Nadi Astrology is a part of Nadi Astrology - old method of prediction, before Parashara Rishi. It intends to give expectations without checking dasa. Bhrigu Nadi Astrology has diverse strategy.

Here exact planning of occasions is made based on travel of planets. The overall happenings in the life have been anticipated based on the air of the planets at the hour of birth. There is no understanding of ascendant. The horoscope ought to be drawn with Aries as No. 1 for example the primary sign. Significance is given to the revolution of Jupiter. Jupiter stays in each sign for a time of roughly 12 years.

Bhrigu Naadi Software depends on both the frameworks of R.G. Rao and conventional Bhrigu Transit System, everything being equal. A ton of expectations are additionally there dependent on obvious Bhrigu soothsaying Chart Analysis and Bhrigu Yoga. A definite rundown of customary Paryaya of significant planets dependent on Nadi travel and genuine Transit. Bhrigu Prashna and so forth We have free Chart Generation, Marriage Matching, Lal Kitab, Numerology and so on webapps for sites

List of Contents

Astrological Particulars
Planetary Positions & Kundali
Nadi Charts Basic
Nadi Charts With Relations
Nadi Positions & Nadiamshas/Nakshtramshas
Nadi Positions - C.S. Patel Style
Nadi Planets Movement
Vedic Varshphala Page
Lal-Kitab Varshphala Page
Vimshottari Dasha
Ashtottari Dasha - Traditional Method
Ashtottari Dasha - Alternate Method
Yogini Dasha - Page - Traditional Method
Yogini Dasha - Alternate Method
Bhrigu Ashtottari Dasha
Bhrigu Naisargika Dasha

Prediction Section

General Prediction - Lagna and Navamsha
Graha Phala in Details
Graha Phala in Details - With Nadi Yogas
Bhrigu Graha Phala
Janma Nakshtra & Pada Prediction
Conjoined Planets Prediction
Yearly Prediction
Monthly Prediction
Jeewan ratna
Bhagya Ratna
Karak Ratna
Moolank Ratna
Bhagyank Ratna
Bhrigu Yoga Analysis
All Nadi Analysis

Transit Section

Astrological Particulars - Transit
Transit Main Page
Transit and Positions of Planets/Sign
Transit and Positions of Planets/Nakshtra
Direct/Retrograde Timing of Planets

Notable Features

  • 100% Accurate Calculations • 6 types of House cusp
  • Well designed 10 work screens for each section
  • 10 types of ayanamsha
  • 4 types of charts styles (North Indian,South Indian,East Indian,Sri lankan)
  • Longitude, Latitude database of more than 28,00000 (2.8 milion) place
English & Hindi
Operating Systems:
Xp,Vista,Window 7,8 & 10 Compatible

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