Brahm-Bhoj (Feeding Brahmins) in Kumbh

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Mahakumbh is about celebrating and adoring humankind and all the good it comprises. Brahm-Bhoj or donation of food is an essential part of Mahakumbh because it symbolizes humanity, unity, and care for each other. It not only respects the Brahmins but also spreads the word of spirituality and generosity. Shiva Trust arranges food camps during the auspicious occasion of Mahakumbh to let the Brahmins feed lavishly. The devotees who intend to contribute and donate can cooperate according to their will.

Booking Information

Due to the COVID-19 situation, devotees can attend all the activities live if they cannot be present in person.

Also, the devotees can donate as per their wish through any suitable medium.

To know more about to arrange Brahm-Bhoj or for donation, contact: or whatsapp +91 7465839601

Let us all gather together while transcending boundaries of nationality, state, religion, caste & creed, and move towards a soulful and spiritual journey.

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