Ganga Puja in Kumbh

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Shiva Trust organizes the divine Aarti of Holy River Ganges in the Gateway of God, Haridwar. Ganga Puja is a religious event in itself, which spreads sacredness and purity all around. The pious vibes coming from Ganga Aarti make the devotees feel that they have become free of falsity, and all their bad deeds are forgiven. During the Puja, the river Ganges is adored as a supreme deity and is worshipped by all the devotees under the guidance of experienced Pundits through flowers, earthen lamps, and divine chants.

Booking Information

Due to the COVID-19 situation, devotees can attend all the activities live if they cannot be present in person.

Also, the devotees can donate as per their wish through any suitable medium.

To know more about this puja or for donation, contact: or whatsapp +91 7465839601

Let us all gather together while transcending boundaries of nationality, state, religion, caste & creed, and move towards a soulful and spiritual journey.

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