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KP-Astrology (KPLogy Advance Software based on the Krishnamurthi System)

KP Astrology is a regularly heard term and is among one of the famous soothsaying frameworks. It depends on Stellar Astrology where the soothsayers study the situation of the Nakshatras (Stars). KP framework deals with a similar 12 zodiac signs that are ordinarily characterized around the world. We should see the absolute best programming for KP Astrology that simplifies life for the experts.

KRISHNAMURTI PADDHATI is a somewhat heterogeneous - yet very systematic - blend of some of the principles of both Indian Astrology and Western Astrology, duly spiced up with the newly devised concept of "SUB". A "sub" - in most cases* - is nothing but an unequal one-ninth part of the span of a Nakshatra (13*20'), which is taken in proportion and order as per Vimshottari Dasha.

[*N.B.: If a particular nakshatra-part covers the end part of a sign and the beginning part of the next sign, then it is divided into two different fragments - each belonging to either of the two signs. These unusual 2 usually unequal small parts are also considered as 2 different subs.]

Like every 'new' or developmental method, K.P.System also has it's own merits and usefulness. But, the claim of obtaining fail-proof results by using this system is 'nothing but the figment of heated brains'. Although Krishnamurti's method deserves to be studied by the curious and interested students and general learners of Astrology, many learned and conscientious Astrologer had advised the students not to overly depend on this particular method only; this is since the subject of Astrology is far more complex. No intelligent learner can ever be expected to be satisfied by acquiring the legendary 'blind man's view of the elephant'!

* In K.P.System, the planetary positions are considered on "Nirayana" (Sidereal) basis, as is usually done in Indian Astrology.

* The recommended "Ayanamsha" in this system is KRISHNAMURTHI Ayanamsha, whose value is fairly close to Lahiri's.

(As per K.P.System, the "zero" year is = 297.205479452055; and the annual rate of precession is @ 00:00:50.24.)

* In K.P.System, the positions of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are noted; the position of Chiron may also be noted. In case of Indian Astrology, noting the positions of these planets are considered neither essential nor necessary - although some modern Astrologers are inclined to include these positions also.


  • Astrological Particulars
  • Chart Details (All in One) - Cuspal Positions, Planetary Positions, Significators - Planets View
  • Lagna, Cusp Chart and Star Positions
  • Planet and House Positions
  • Lagna Chart and Planets Position
  • Cusp Chart and Houses Position - Houses Signified by Planets, Significators - House View
  • Planets/Houses Significations
  • Planets/Houses Significations (6 FOLD)
  • Basic Vedic Aspects
  • Basic Western Aspects
  • Naadi Coordinates
  • Vimshottari Dasha And Bhuktis
  • 3 Step Theory
  • 3-1/2 Step Theory (Back to Pavilion Method)
  • 4 Step Theory (by Sunil Gondhalekar)
  • 4 Step Clean Sweep Theory (by Shree Chetan Sud ji)
  • Vastu Coordinate Page 1 Planets Position, Planets To House Aspect, Planets To Planets Aspect
  • Vastu Coordinate Page 2
  • Vastu Coordinate Page 3


  • Basic Horary Page
  • Horary Charts (All in one)
  • Horary Planets and Houses Position
  • Horary Planets/Houses Significations
  • Horary Planets/Houses Significations (6 FOLD)
  • Vedic Aspects (Horary)
  • Western Aspects (Horary)
  • Naadi Coordinates (Horary)
  • Vimshottari Dasha And Bhuktis Horary
  • 3 Step Theory (Horary)
  • 3-1/2 Step Theory (Back to Pavilion Method) -Horary
  • 4 Step Theory (by Sunil Gondhalekar) -Horary
  • 4 Step Clean Sweep Theory (by Shree Chetan Sud ji) -Horary


  • Planetary Positions & Dispositions
  • Bhava Sphutas & Kundalis
  • Shodash Varga Charts
  • Graha Maitri Chakra
  • Planetary Avasthas & Tara Chakras
  • Ashtaka Varga Charts
  • Observations from Sarvashtakavarga
  • Ashtottari Dasha & Antaras
  • Yogini Dasha Page
  • Transit Saturn (Sadhe-Sati)
  • Planetary Positions & Dispositions - Varshphala
  • Dashas applicable in Varshphala
  • Planetary Positions (Lal Kitab)
  • Lal Kitab Varshaphala


  • Astrologer's Note
  • Aspects Planets to Planets
  • Aspects Planets to Cusps
  • KP House Grouping Wizard
  • Planets Movement in Vimshottari DBA
  • KP Significators Search
Operating Systems:
Window 7,8 & 10 Compatible

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