Laghu Rudra (Maha Rudrabhishek Puja) in Kumbh

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Lord Shiva has always been a savior of humankind, and due to being related to the significance of Mahakumbh by saving humanity by drinking a whole vase full of poison all by himself, worshipping Lord Shiva is necessary to make the ambiance feel complete. That’s the reason why Shiva Trust, with its professional Brahmins, arranges Mahrudrabhishek or Laghu Rudra Puja to make the environment full of auspiciousness. Lord Shiva comprises eleven forms of Rudra, and all these forms are worshipped during Ekadasha Puja & Homa. This Puja is considered the favorite of Lord Shiva; that’s why performed primarily during Mahakumbh.

Booking Information

Due to the COVID-19 situation, devotees can attend all the activities live if they cannot be present in person.

Also, the devotees can donate as per their wish through any suitable medium.

To know more about this puja or for donation, contact: or whatsapp +91 7465839601

Let us all gather together while transcending boundaries of nationality, state, religion, caste & creed, and move towards a soulful and spiritual journey.

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