Mantras to Hindu Gods and Goddesses (Set of Four Volumes)

Mantras to Hindu Gods and Goddesses (Set of Four Volumes)

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This volume is collection of mantras (spiritual signs) addressed to a number of deities of Indian Spiritual and religious culture. These deities are commonly known as gods and goddesses. They are symbols of faith and they take care on various desires of their gods and goddesses are symbols of sraddha of their devotees the devotees find a sense of happiness in praising them.According to the Mimamsakas the deities are of the form of Sabda. Thus the devotees identify the gods and goddesses in the form of sabda as it could be seen in the tantra literature. This seems to be the rationale behind the practice of mantra tradition.Results are of two types (i) drsta (easily verifiable) and (ii) a-drsta (not easily verifiable) the invocation of a mantra leads to the attainment of the results of second category. The recitation of mantras remove all hurdle in the path of the fulfillment of the desires of the devotees. The recitation of mantras ward off all durita-s (sins or hurdles) by producing apurva intermediate causal link) and ultimately the devotees obtain their desired results.This volume provides a good collection of mantras along with their English translation. It is hoped that the devotees will use these mantras as per their symbol of Sraddha with full understanding and devotion to get whatever they want as per their prescribed method of sadhana.

Sanskrit and English
Sri Satguru Publications
Prof. V.N. Jha

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