Moonstone (Chandra Kant Mani)

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Ruled by Lord Chandra (Moon), Moonstone, is semi precious Gemstone or Up Ratna, and it works as an antenna towards orange cosmic rays. Our spectacular collection of Moonstone (ChandraKant Mani) is the best quality available. These are amongst the most brilliant available anywhere - amazing clarity and rich color. Astrologically, Lord Chandra (Moon) is the significator of mind and intelligence, heart, mother, general well being of body, facial luster, emotions in general, watery substances, lakes, love, affection, good sleep, balanced emotional life, good memory, conjugal bliss, sea, juices, alcohol, milk, honey, rice, benevolence of the women and women organizations. The person, who wants to enhance these aspects in his life, should opt for Moonstone (Chandra Kant Mani). Since Lord Chandra (Moon) is also indicative of venereal diseases, jaundice, bronchitis, psychiatric problems, eye troubles, insomnia, tuberculosis, hysteria, constipation, cardiac troubles, eye diseases, lunacy, paralysis, epilepsy, cold, cough, colic pains, worms, intestinal disorders, tumors, peritonitis, throat troubles, asthma, varicose loins, nervous debility, cancer, typhoid and diseases relating to nerves, intestines, uterus, bladder, breast, ovaries and organs of procreation, we suggests Moonstone for recovery from or warding off these physical problems. For the persons born in Cancer ascendant and Cancer Rashi (Moon sign).Moonstone is highly recommended. Sometimes, in very peculiar cases, it is also recommended for the persons, who are passing through adverse Dasa/ transit of Lord Chandra.Besides being potentiated with Cosmic Energy.

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