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In Vedic astrology, gemstones are recommended based on your horoscope. It is believed that by wearing these prescribed gemstones you can overcome the obstacles in your chart. The cause of unhappy relationships or lack of success can be astrological.


Which Gemstone I really need ?

Astrological help is of the utmost assistance in this regard mainly in terms of financial consideration, the less-expensive stones in a good counterbalancing system. Extensive research and experience has earned highly enthusiastic feedback.

A comprehensive remedial gem-analysis from a qualified Vedic astrologer is strongly recommended. This will place in order of priority the planetary rays most in need of strengthening . This is a unique, customized guideline responding to your individual karmic pattern. For the assistance we provide our free Gem selection process here, If you are interested in seperate prescriptive Vedic astrological reading, please contact us seperatly or go for other reports.

Since each gem has a corresponding power to offset specific conditions in the body as well as harmonize general planetary energies, you may first want to investigate which problems or conditions seem especially evident in your life and discuss purchasing the stone(s) that seem specifically designed to counteract them.


About Quality of Gemstones

It is important to decide on the quality you want. For remedial astrological purposes, in my experience the weight of the material is far more important than the perfection of the cut. Of course everybody would like the best-quality stone that you can afford. Quality is determined by color, cut, and clarity. Generally speaking, the closer a stone approaches its specific rainbow color, the color in the spectrum of natural light, the more potent it will be. Color may be more or less intense. Depth of color with clarity is usually more expensive.

The next most important quality is clarity. For a gem to have an uninterrupted electromagnetic resonating signature, the alignment of its atomic structure should be unencumbered by inclusions. Inclusions are tiny disturbances to the growth process of the gem crystal such as growth lines, internal cracks (pressure fractures, healed or not), sub-crystals, foreign matter and other internal disturbance phenomena. These will affect the transparency, dispersion, and brilliance of a gem. The less included, spectrally color-perfect and heavy a gem is, the more expensive it is likely to be per carat. The proof of a stone's quality is the effect it has on the wearer.


Price Factor

A gem's type, weight, size, clarity, and manner of contact are among the pertinent factors that affect its ability to mitigate or nullify negative planetary influences. The main consideration for the customer will of course be price.

Volume, clarity, and color are the main factors of potency, many people still believe that high-quality gems must cost a king's ransom. But in this age of dynamite, excavators, and mechanized mineral processing technology, what once came to rest with wealthy collectors is now much more affordable. Laboratories, using revolutionary techniques to copy Mother Nature's gem growing environment, have greatly expanded the supply of top quality gem material, and thereby reduced its cost.

The lab-grown gems (also called created gems) are not to be confused with common synthetics. Synthetic stones for the most part, are materials similar in color or chemical composition to the natural, but have no synonymous crystal structure, and by application, no remedial power. Many synthetic gems are often misrepresented as having been grown as crystals in a laboratory. Retailers very commonly appear to not be completely accurate in this regard. A large laboratory-grown crystal can be grown from a smaller natural crystal. Is this any more unnatural than a seed grown in a greenhouse? The laboratory crystals of today grow using the same laws of nature that are activated when natural crystals are grown in magma or other thermal strata (the way natural gems originate). Actually, gems growing near the magma layers do not usually take hundreds of years to form, contrary to the romanticized view of the jewelry industry which hopes to profit from the supposed rarity of gems. These crystals sometimes grow at the same rate as lab-grown crystal gems (2-12 months).

For any crystal to have the correct geometric resonating signature, it is essential that the billions of atoms that constitute its atomic lattice line up exactly like its natural counterpart. When this occurs, the major difference between the two is that the laboratory crystal, because it was formed in a controlled, non-disturbance prone environment, has fewer inclusions, color zones, pressure fractures or other flaws. Therefore, the gemological crystal structure and atomic matrix of the lab-grown crystals are in much more perfect symmetrical harmony.

Final Buying Decision

Thought is a vibration of consciousness. Matter is a less rarefied condensed vibration of God's electro-magnetic consciousness. High quality gem materials can be atomically geometric transmitters of beneficial thought forms when touching the skin.

Thought to a large degree attracts and repels our karmic tendencies. Transfer of high vibrations or thought forms can occur by humble appreciation of absorbing the vibrations of holy places of pilgrimage, communing with Divine Mother Nature in her gardens or anywhere and contemplating the words or photograph of a true saint. These are some of the ways that help move the mind towards joyward union with the soul. Gems are but another tool in the quest. We help to you in this regard to choose suitable gemstone foy you after analysing your vedic Horoscope based on the data provided by you as a free service for more details go here.

We Himalaya Vedic World, offers an extensive selection of Vedic gemstones in various sizes. we help you with your gemstone and Rudraksha needs. we take great care to offer the purest stones possible (untreated, unheated, undyed, unbleached, non-irradiated), giving you the best quality for your money, satisfaction guaranteed! If we don't have your request in stock, a little patience can allow us to locate the best-priced materials. Feel welcome to call or write to discuss your needs.

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