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Himalaya Vedic World is an online portal started in 2007, Himalaya Vedic World offers sacred vedic products and services. Customers from anywhere in the world can get the desired products and service easily from it. Here you will get a wide range of all kind of gemstones, rudrakshas, Rosaries and other sacred products in addition to other services.From authentic Gemstones and pure energised Rudrakshas to other wide range of services like sacred tourism, vedic pujas etc. you will find Himalaya Vedic World as your one stop-place catering to all your needs. We consider it a privilege to serve you and promise to live up to your expectations as the very motto of us is to bring to light all that is 'True and Just.

Spiritual Tourism


Our packages are specially made for visitors who follow their heart and are ready to leave their homes to join these packages. Sacred experience is the main attraction of these packages and they are available round the year. Visitors can plan their holidays well in advance or else give us a chance to demonstrate our hospitality.

Yoga Special


With our yoga programs and events you can learn the art and science of yoga. The yoga postures were developed by great sheers of ancient India and the chain of teacher-pupil tradition kept these yoga exercises passing from one generation to another. Many great saints like Yoganand Paramhansa and others went to the west for teaching this ancient art and science. Many present day Yogis like Baba Ramdev had broken the complexities of these postures and made them simple for the masses. Now people from all walks of life are experiencing the benefits of yoga.In our tour and travel business we have continued the legacy of the ancient and present day’s sheers by combining yoga sessions with tour itinerary. Special yoga packages offered by us allow you to learn and practice this ancient science of healthy living. We have a perfect package to make you relax and discover the balance in your busy and demanding lifestyle. Come to Rishikesh, learn yoga, return to your work place and teach your mother, father, brother, sister, relatives, friends & neighbors the life science (yoga) of ancient India.


If you are wishing to see the ancient temples of Uttarakhand then you are welcome and believe us not to google further. There are temples and holy places which are standing in good spirit today and were never shaken by natural calamities and resurrected in no time after the wrong doings of foreign invaders. People took shelter, offered prayers and performed homa during their difficult time at these places.During this fifth generation computer age, people have the same devotion and trust on these places of worship. As such these adobes of gods & goddess are visited by millions of people every year. God wishes the welfare of mankind and as a firm believer of god we are also following his order – by offering attractive pilgrimage tour packages we are reducing the hardships that devotees face during pilgrimage. We are helping people to take the road to god and discover the path to salvation.

Ayurveda Retreat


We have the expertise to plan a blissful journey in and around the twin holy cities of India, Rishikesh and Haridwar. Situated on the banks of the holy river Ganga, these two cities have many preferred destinations for those who want to relax in an ayurvedic haven. A culture of ayurvedic holidays and meditation tour had developed in these places. Our focal point in designing the ayurveda retreat tours was to blend ayurveda and aromatherapy with the latest spa technology. Our Ayurveda Retreat packages have everything that a travel enthusiast can wish for. So come to see the serenity of our resort partner, feel the goodness of traditional ayurvedic therapies and learn to practice a healthy diet routine that can keep you fit for your whole life.

Vedic Pujas


Vedic pujas are rituals performed for specific purpose. The purpose can be to remedy any illness, to ward off unfavorable time, etc. In today’s scientific world these ancient rituals are still relevant and can fulfill your objectives. Homa also form the part of many vedic pujas and is performed to increase the effectiveness of the vedic rituals.We have judiciously selected few important pujas to list on this portal. But if any client asks for a particular puja then also we can make arrangement for the same. To suit your requirements, causes, effectiveness and budget we can organize pujas as well as homas anywhere in India and abroad. We are evolving in this spiritual field and it is also true with our puja services.