Red Garnet (Tamda)

With Authenticity Certificate
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Garnets are considered to be the wonderful gemstones which are worn as jewelry. They are deep – red colored stones. Garnet means a group of more than 10 different gemstones of similar chemical composition. The Garnet has been known to the Man for more than thousand years. Many explorers and travelers were fond of keeping Garnets with them while they travel. They considered Garnets to be a talisman and a protective stone. They believed that keeping Garnets with them will protect them from evil and disaster. Garnets gemstones are considered to be the stone for success in business. If you are facing some problem in your business, or you are facing some financial problems related to business, or your business is not doing well, all you need to do is to put 3 – 4 Garnets on your counter desk. If you put a garnet under your pillow it will help you getting relieved from depression and other mental tensions. Garnets are also used as jewelry and also for a person wanting to be popular and have self confidence. The other benefits of wearing a Garnet are getting success in business, making safe long journeys, constant social circle and much more.

The red garnet is related to spleen and thyroid. Wearing a Red Garnet will help in cleansing and purifying. It is worn in the hand or placed on head when meditating. The Garnet otherwise also helps in keeping on secure and maintaining spiritual awareness and also helps in one’s sex life.

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