Sacred Places

These places are the most sacred places according to their holy location. These places are filled with subtle divine aura that makes them highly beneficial to perform auspicious pujas and other activities. Most of our events and programs are held here.

Adya Shakti Mahakali Ashram (Haridwar)

Mahakali Ashram is one of the famous religious places of Haridwar and was founded by Swami Rasanand Ji Maharaj. Situated in Kankhal, it is built on the banks of Neeldhara (A tributary of Ganga). The Ashram had a rich history and is chosen by people of all walks of life to lead a solitary life, to practice austerity & meditation.. It also houses a magnificent temple of Goddess Kalika. The temple compound covers a large area and is visited by huge number of devotees round the year. The Ashram is built on the front side of the compound while the backside harbours the Temple. A large Hawan Kund is also there for performing hawan (homa). The Kalika Ashram is designed to inspire spirituality, peace and harmony among its visitors. The Ashram is guiding thousands of devotees around the world to practice spirituality in its true sense.

Shri Yantra Temple (Kankhal, Haridwar)

The Shree Yantra Temple is one of the most revered Shakti Upasna Kendras located in Haridwar. The temple is visited by many devotees daily but big congregations are also held during Navratras and Pathotsava of Maa Tripur Sundri every year. Situated in Kankhal (Haridwar), the temple was founded in 1991 by Great Saint Swami Vishwadevanand Ji Maharaj. Built in the shape of Shree Yantra with white stone, the Temple houses a Shiva Lingam along with altars of Ganesha, Parvati, Lord Narayan with Laxmi, Surya Narayan (the Sun God) and Hanuman. The compound housing the Shree Yantra Temple also have other Temples where daily morning prayers are performed followed by homa. The Ashram celebrates all Hindu festivals as well as spiritual occasions of other faiths.

Shaswat Dham Ashram (Tehri, Himalaya)

Saaswat Dham Ashram is situated in the Laxmoli Village in Tehri District on the Badrinath Road. It was established by Swami Advaitanand and is around 96 Km from Rishikesh. A prominent Shiva Temple is situated in the Ashram compound and it is said that Lord Laxmana came to this place for offering prayers. The Ashram is engaged in many types of philanthropic work apart from serving the devotees on their pilgrimage to the Badrinath and other shrines.