Sacred Rudraksha

Sacred Rudraksha


According to mythology, Rudraksha is the tear center of Lord Shiva's eyes, which is like the Lord Shiva himself. Rudra means terrible and Aksha means eyes and the axis. Even in his angry form, Lord Shiva is beneficial, When he opens his third eye, He even turns Kama to ashes. In fact, Lord Shiva is the axis, the base, foundation of the world. The Rudraksha has originated from the aqueous drop center of the eye of the Lord and is very beneficial for human beings.

At one time the Rudraksha was very popular in India. All young and old men, and even women used to wear Rosaries of Rudraksha. First Mohammedans came to India and then the British followed. Both ruled our country. During this period the importance of the Rudraksha diminished. These foreign people began to call those men who sported the Rudraksha as uncivilized and barbarians. They would say that these Indians wear ornaments of seeds of just any tree. The Indians, fooled by the ignorant comments gradually gave up wearing Rudraksha. They even forgot its beneficial qualities.

The supreme father Lord Shiva went into deep samadhi. After the deluge for the sake of creating this world Lord Shiva went into meditation and turned his full attention inwards and got lost in deep penance. When his penance was complete and his eyes opened, along with all the Gods and Goddesses, the tears that fell upon the earth solidified and gave birth to Rudraksha. These are the solidified tears of pity that he sheds at the woes of his bhakts. These trees bear fruit, which are indeed the Rudraksha. These fruits like Rudraksha are used as ornaments by all the Gods and Goddesses for their own well being.

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