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Under the divine influence of Lord SHIVA, Himalaya Vedic World Offers authentic & holistic products, such as Rosaries, Gemstones, and Rudrakshas from Nepal.

We have the compelete range of religious and remedy products refered by hindu classicals books and accordinfg to vedic astrology. All products are available on wholsale prices as original Gemstones, Rudrakshas, all kind of Malas , conchs (Sankhas), Parad idols and all types of Parad made items and various Idols , shivlings, Sphatiks, Yantras, Braclets, Pyrmids and Feng Shui produsts are always available.


We make every kind of Rings, Pendents of Rudraksha and Gemstones in gold, silver and in copper etc., all work is done in our own work-house ,we are able to do any kind of customize designing and art works for you.

All these products are delivered to devotees after energizing them if they want to do so. This process is called Shuddhikaran, in which all the products are purified in order to diminish all negative effects, and bring in the positivity from all-around.

Only the expert Brahmins and Pundits perform the Shuddhikaran process while following the spiritual procedure with Puja and Mantras as mentioned in Vedic scriptures.

Certified Gemstones and Rudraksha

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