What is VishKanya

What is VishKanya

The title Visha Kanya (literally, “poison maiden”) comes from a reprehensible practice of yesteryear in which kings’ located girls whose horoscopes promised widowhood. These girls were sequestered at an early age and fed many types of poisons in gradually increasing does to make them immune to their deleterious effects. By the time they reached puberty, these girls were thoroughly toxic and ready for use. The king who had directed the process was then ready to present one of these visha kanys to anyone whom he wanted to kill, for any man who embraced such a lady would die after a very short time. One legend holds that Aristotle warned Alexander the Great about the dangers of such “venomous virgins”; another suggests that Alexander dies as a result of the embrace of a visha kanya who was awarded to him as tribute by the defeated King Porus.

For a Change, Lets start with how it occurs?
If and ONLY if a girl child is born on

  • Saturday – Tuesday – Sunday
  • Dwithiya – Sapthami – Dwadasi (Badra Thithis)
  • Ashlesha – Shatabhisha – Krittika
  • When Saturn occupies the Ascendant, the Sun is in the 5th bhava and Mars tenants the 9th bhava.
She should be treated as a girl born on Vishakanya Yoga.
It literally means, on a particular day, on a particular star and on a particular nakshatra, if a person is born, then the person should be treated on this Visha Kanya Yoga. Its a very rare combination but its one of the most interesting doshas that is hidden.

Parashara has his own theory on this one... he said there are also cancellations.
  • When the lord of the 7th house occupies its own house, as counted from either the Ascendant or from the Moon.
  • When a benefic occupies the 7th house, counted from either the Ascendant or from the Moon.
Visha kanya combinations can, for both males and females, foster heightened susceptibility to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, lactose intolerance, environmental and emotional sensitivities, food abuse, and other such over reactive states.


Dear sir, i too have this vishakanya dhosam in my horoscope.we had lost our prosperity after my marriage.iam suffering a lot.what to do sir?Please give me solution sir.
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