Shri Jyoti Star 10

[V10 is] fantastic software … a wow”, Pandit Sanjay Rath

Available from the Microsoft Store click here. Requires Windows 10 or 11

Can’t run Windows 10 or 11? V9 is great software, see here

Tips and Tricks Videos

Shri Jyoti Star 10 is super easy to use. These videos will help you to get up to speed quickly and answer your questions – here are the links and the videos are also below

What’s New in Version 10

What’s New in Version 10 Pro and Jaimini


The atlas is at new heights of accuracy and completeness well beyond any other astrological software. Up-to-date names, millions of locations, latest time changes. Rapid and convenient searching. (12+ years work)

More than 65,000 AstroDataBank chart data. One click access to Wikipedia and biographies from the Data Entry screen (TM of their respective entities)

More Layout Examples – get a whole page for a specific task in one click

Save items (charts, tables, etc.), whole pages, all pages to a document. Choice of docx and rtf, both supported by most word processors. Opens in your word processor after save. Then most apps will let you save immediately to PDF if required

New way to access Pages, Layout Examples and Events from the menus to assist those with smaller screens

1 second button in Time Change Bar which is now re-sizable

Large choice of Skins including Windows 11 light and dark themes

The OK+Special Pravesh tab has Tithi, Nakshatra, and Yoga Pravesh choices along with Chaitra Shukla chart. More are being added. Click the OK+Special button at the bottom of the Data Entry dialog and select the Pravesh tab

Chart preview in Data Entry

Data Entry is much faster to use as searching is immediately available during data entry and the window and certain areas of it can be resized in various ways for convenience

Data Entry includes a full Geo Reverse lookup. Convert latitude and longitude to a country and place – click Get City after entering the latitude and longitude

Convenient button for switching the date and time entry modes (to the right of these fields)

Find in Files: High speed search of all your databases (you define where to look) for a name. In Data Entry under the Data menu

Improvements to the Events dialog where you add and edit events. The dialog is resizable and the description of each event can be longer. The number of events is shown.

The Ephemeris Report has now an unlimited scope and can present its results directly in your spreadsheet app

Number of Events at bottom of Events dialog

Custom Yoga files have multiple layers of backup

Research database exports to csv as default (was txt only). Easy to open in spreadsheet like Excel

New Global Option: Select Options by Teacher

Improved Color Editing including option to restore color defaults in Choices and Options (this is very handy after experimentation)

Improved Event Entry dialog, longer descriptions and resizable

Panchanga and Transit Reports

30 year Saturn ingress report covering sade sati, kantaka Shani, upachaya with Panoti or Dhaiyya and other key information

Quick Reports

Turn this great feature on using the right-click 2nd item or the Reports menu, then you see a ? cursor when you mouse over an item you can query – Currently, information is given for Ascendants of all vargas, planets and Nakshatra Dashas

The Ascendant report and the planet reports have a long list of special and useful in-depth information includin:

Analysis of the Ascendant and each planet including the Chara Karaka (when applicable), the strength of the planets involved, conjunctions, exchanges (parivartana), hemmings (kartari), aspects, dispositors, Nakshatras, and Positions from the Moon and the Arudha Lagna (Ascendant)

When the rashi chart is involved, the analysis is repeated for the Navamsha chart

For planets, the Gunas or qualities are indicated, both natural and related to its position

For the Moon, a transit analysis is given for the native with respect to the transits of the Native 2 chosen. This can be used for a transit date or with another person

Further information given under the Ascendant:

Rising Time of the Ascendant in the varga selected (by clicking on that varga chart). This is a very quick way of getting this information

The tendency in the Bhamsha (D27) chart which shows strength and weakness

The Upanishad to study

The Varesha or wekday lord, which gives clues to health and prosperity

Pataki Chakra analysis including YamardhaPati, DandaPati and Vedhas in Rashi, Drekkana and Navamsha for the Ascendant and the Moon

The Janma Vighatika Graha, which is said to have a major say in one’s life

The Ghataka Cakra Nakshatra and Issues (for important challenges)

The Tithi Beeja sign for marriage and children

The planets indicating the Akashic (Chitragupta’s) record from the Ascendant and the Moon

The limbs of the eight-fold Patanjali Yoga, which are indicated as most accessible for the native

Navamsha Devata blessing

Full Reports

Reports are now much more extensive and can include your choice of charts (output one of your Printed Page designer (PPD) page sets, up to 36 pages. Use the layout Examples in the PPD area to create beautiful page sets in a click), important yogas (from hundreds of possibilities), classical yoga results from the scriptures, the quick reports for the Ascendant and the planets and your custom yogas (if you have created a file in the Custom Yoga Builder or received one from another user)

Yogas: Many more of the important yogas are now included in Shri jyoti Star. Hundreds of yogas are checked for the Important Yogas report and in the Muhurta Panchanga graph and the Panchanga & Yogi Table, a large number of special Yogas of time are checked. These have names like Siddha yoga, Amrita yoga, etc. The Custom Yoga Builder provides millions of different possible combinations, which you can use to easily and quickly create your own yogas. Then you can search your own databases (or parts of them) for these yogas.


Vedic Calendar page: This page computes just about every factor one would be interested in for the daily Panchanga and transits including Vedic festivals (please let us know if there is a festival to be added)

Special Nakshatras: This shows the Karma and other special Nakshatras and all the planets that are impacting them by lordship, conjunction, and Nakshatra aspect

New Nakshatra Table: All 27 Nakshatras with lords and planets in the Nakshatras plus keywords as taught by Pandit Sanjay Rath in BAVA

Custom Table: Added Nakshatra Pada, Latitude Degrees and Minutes, Patyamshas (showing Chara Karaka strength) and Planetary speeds (Chara, Atichara, etc.)

Jama Graha table: Contains the computations that some astrologers use for Prashna including some factors taught by Pandit Rath. See immediately where the problem is (Chhatra rashi)

KP Script table (Krishnamurti Paddhati)

Sankalpa table: This has the factors needed for doing the Sankalpa before spiritual practices including the Ayana and Rtu or season. It conveniently provides quick access to all the lords of the Panchanga plus the graha for the Jovian Year and the Janma Vighatika Graha (Click the ‘+’ top right of the table)

The Personal Panchanga table now has the Jovian year with name, number, devata, tattva (element), direction, and sign/rashi (yuga). This sign will play a special role in the person’s life

Anandadi Yogas table: This shows these special yogas for each planet along with its inherent power (we believe such a table to be unique to Shri Jyoti Star)

Samkranti Table: Sun’s ingresses into the 12 signs

The improved Vastu table also allows one to see results in various vargas (as taught by Sanjay Rath on YouTube)

Panchanga and Gandanta Table now has Dagdha Tithi marked after the Tithi when applicable

Improved Anga Table shows the part of the body associated with the Ascendant and planets in the Rashi, Drekkana and Nakshatra

Custom Table now has Latitude degrees and minutes (very handy for planetary war analysis), Nakshatra Pada, Patyamsha ‘score’ (larger shows stronger for each of the Chara Karaka – Atma Karaka, etc.), and Charadi (the planetary speed categories). Declination degrees and minutes now show zero for the nodes if the Global option for this is set (search on ‘rahu’ or ‘declination’)

All Event tables now use all available vertical space – see more events at a time. More optimized events in Dasha tables

Charts and Graphs

South Indian biwheel – compare any two natives in any two vargas (divisions) and see aspect lines within and between the charts

Two versions (variations) of the D27 chart (adds Nakshatramsha)

Extra D30 variation added (cyclical)

Planetary Lagna charts now have an expanded range of different Lagnas (Ascendants) that can be selected both for Bhava (House) and Rashi charts. Search on Bhava Chart or Rashi Chart. See e.g. ‘House Chart for Asc., Planets and more’. Now includes Karaka Lagna, Bhava Lagna, Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna (note you can scroll through this list in both directions by clicking on the < or > of the switch top right)

Planetary Arudhas: Arudhas in Planetary Lagna Rashi/Sign charts are computed from the Planet selected (Sun to Ketu only). Choose to see Arudhas in the usual way in the Choices and Options (search on ‘Arudhas’). For example, the Arudhas from the Sun and the Moon are considered an important study for matters more concerned with them. E.g. the Moon’s Arudhas tell us about our life in society. These are labelled ‘amo1’ for the Arudha of the Moon for house 1 (place of the Moon) and similarly for the other planets. In sign charts only, not in House Charts

Circle Chart now has labels for the Nakshatras and Nakshatra Lords when in those views. Click (top right) to get Nakshatra and Nakshatra Lord selection

Kurma Chakra can be seen in the Sarvato Bhadra Chakra – about the last of the choices in the top right switch. It will show , when you reach the right setting

See the Name degree in charts

Hide degrees of Arudhas and other such choices where they all have the degree of the Lagna/Hora, etc. for simplicity and clarity

Muhurta Panchanga graph now has Horas, Kala Velas and all the Kalams like Rahu Kalam as well as flagging by color coding the new powerful long list of VTN (Vara/Tithi/Nakshatra) yogas, which are detailed in the Panchanga and Gandanta Table. This is an incredible boon for finding Muhurtas. The divisions of the day like Horas only show if the graph is for a day or a week

Snap to Events/Pravesh added to all Muhurta graphs – click on the ‘>< ‘ top right and the time automatically moves to the nearest Pravesh – start by putting the drag line near the desired Pravesh and then click the ‘>< ‘ to get the precise chart. Can be used for dozens of different types of Pravesh, from Sunrise to moment of retrogression, ingress of a planet in Rashi or Nakshatra, etc.

Varnada degrees now go by the strongest of Hora and Lagna

New choices with degrees next to planetary symbols/glyphs:
Degrees with Lordships (shows which houses the planet rules).
Degrees with Vimshottari Karakas (Governors)
Degrees with Nakshatra Name and Pada Number
Optional – No Degrees for Arudhas, Varnadas and Same degree House Cusps (this can help make charts more readable)

Panchanga Muhurta graph now adds a very many new time Yogas based on combinations of weekday, lunar day and Nakshatra (VTN) mainly from Prashna Marga. These are widely used in Muhurta work in India. The graph shows these by color coding, while the Panchang and Gandanta table shows the names of the Yogas operating at a particular time

Panchanga Muhurta graph now adds Horas for week and day views

Graph of Declinations

Custom Yoga Builder

This has been vastly enhanced and made easier to use. Numerous new search choices

Resizable in various ways and improved layout

Copy and Paste Yogas and Yoga rules. Greatly speeds up building certain yogas and yoga files. (Right-click over the Rules box in the middle)

Reference points can be defined for both the initial choice A (set in B) and then the secondary choice C (set in D)

New choices for A, B, C and D: Pranapada, Mandi, Alternate Mandi (if mandi is for day, this is for night or vice versa), Paridhi, Gulika, Varesha, all Bhava/House cusps (really useful), lords of all the 9 Tara positions, Yogi, Avayogi, Duplicate Yogi

New strength choices that can be added to almost all yoga rules or used separately. Own sign or greater, friend’s sign or greater, enemy’s sign or weaker, Shadbala above 100% (average), Highest shadbala, Vimshopak above (definable), definable number of Vaisheshika Amshas (good places in dasha vargas) or better, Kaala bala/Natonnata

New choices include Sambandha with, is benefic, Is malefic, In same sign or house, Aspects, Conjoined or Aspected by, Conjoined and aspects, Nakshatra Ruled by, In same nakshatra as, Association (Sambandha) with, and

In Nakshatra States (added Own Nakshatra, has Nak. lord in own nakshatra, Nakshatra exchange, has Nakshatra lord in exchange, in Nakshatra of benefic, in Nakshatra of malefic, in Movable/Chara Nakshatra, in Fixed/Dhruva/Sthira Nakshatra, in Soft/Mrdu Nakshatra, in Cruel/Ugra Nakshatra, in Sharp/Tikshna Nakshatra, in Swift/Kshipra/Laghu Nakshatra, in Mixed/Mishra Nakshatra)

New States added (Aspected, Conjunct, Conjunct or Aspected by, or Sambandha with definable number of benefics or malefics; Conjunct, Aspected by, Associated with a definable number of exalted or debilitated planets)

In Sign States added in Dagdha Sign

In House Groups added Odd House, Even House, Trines 5,9, Angle or Trine, Upachaya, Trishadaya, Houses 1,2,7,12 or 1,5,7,9 or in definable range of houses from any to any, or in Consecutive houses from any to any, and

In Others Day/Night, Male/Female, and under Yogas Nabhasa Yogas, Mallika Yogas of many kinds Kala Amrita Yoga (moving to Ketu), Kala Sarpa Yoga

Get definable level of dispositor like lord of the lord of the planet

Can read V9 yoga files (but the reverse is not true due to all the enhanced features)

New Count of planet choices: Sun + True planets, Moon + True planets


‘Dasha: Show Time‘ will turn on showing the time when the period or sub-period starts. In V10, the three level limit has been removed

Dasha based on the name of the person. In Data Entry, the name is converted into a first syllable that fits with the Sanskrit alphabet. This relates to a place in the Zodiac and can then appear in charts as ‘Na’ and can be used to start Dashas

Kalachakra Dasha has Deha and Jiva labelling at top

What’s New and Exclusive in Version 10 Jaimini

Quick Reports

Devata or Rishi for the planet for remedies

The Garhapatya planet, which controls career and career success

The Brahma planet (indicating the cause of one’s birth) and the Maheshvara planet which controls one’s exit from this life

The Pada Dharma for each house showing the signs which are most related to one’s weakness, strength, and success in that area.

Full Reports

Vimshottari Dasha report


The Three parts of Life table

The Kendradi Bala table

The Bhava Tithis table taught by Sanjay

Another incredible area of research is the Nakshatra Arudhas table for both bhavas and grahas

The Aprakasha Graha Table now has Tattva information

New Nakshatra Table: All 27 Nakshatras with lords and planets in the Nakshatras plus keywords as taught by Pandit Sanjay Rath in BAVA. In the Jaimini Version This table will show the lords of any Nakshatra Dasha in any Nakshatra Dasha system for working with that type of Dasha

Kauluka Table with Chakras and Mantras. Where appropriate, the recommended Tilak is mentioned (taught in Jaimini Scholar Peogram)

Vrddha Table

Personal Panchanga Table can show the Panchanga from the Chara Karakas. For example, if you click the switch top right and it changes from ‘normal’ to ‘Amatya’ then it shows the Panchanga with the AK playing the role of the Sun and the Amatya playing the role of the Moon, and similarly for the other CKs

Charts and Graphs

Planetary Lagna charts now have an expanded range of different Lagnas that can be selected both for Bhava (House) and Rashi charts. Search on Bhava Chart or Rashi Chart. See e.g. ‘House Chart for Asc., Planets and more’. Now includes Karaka Lagna, Bhava Lagna, Hora Lagna, Ghatika Lagna, plus Indu, Shri, Divya, Varnada and Pranapada Lagnas (note you can scroll through this list in both directions by clicking on the < or > of the switch top right)

Both All divisions and All Divisions with Variations and ATR/RTA available for convenience

Animals shown in the Kala Chakra (as taught in JSP)

Kota Chakra shows the Swami and Pala in the heading

D150 Nadi Amsha chart (two versions)

Panchanga Muhurta graph now adds Kalams (like Rahu Kalam and including all the Kalams or Yamardhas), Kala Velas (like Kala and Gulika) along with Horas and enhanced Yogas (see above) for week and day views. This greatly increases the precision of Muhurta analysis

Custom Yoga Builder

Incredible ‘Result of Above‘ search choice (bottom of the dropdowns) allows for much more complex yogas as the result of one line is carried to the next (last planet calculated).


New Kalachakra Dasha method (choose the method in the options for the Dasha)

Kendra Sudasha and two versions of regular Sudasha. In the Dasha options there are two options for Sudasha. The first is called ‘Stri Jataka Adjustment’. This minor adjustment was traditionally used for female charts. The second is for the rules used in Sudasha (not Kendra Sudasha). For example, one type uses oddity for direction while the other uses ‘pada’. See what works for you

Patyamsha Dasha. This is all about the Chara Karakas and has labeling with them at the Mahadasha level. E.g.: The first Dasha will always be from the DK (Dara Karaka)

Dhi (BuddhaGati) Dasha – the flow of the intelligence

Phalita Trikona Dasha – a powerful view on how yogas get activated

Shakti Trikona Dasha – the flow of the creative force through life

Varnada JS Dasha as taught in JSP (Jaimini Scholar Program) for career

Brahma graha and Maheshvara shown in header of Sthira Dasha and Brahma Dasha – life moves from Brahma to Maheshvara

Sudarshana Chakras has 3 modes as taught by Sanjay and this is set by the ‘From’ option in the Dasha options. The default is From Lagna – that has 12 years per house and subperiods (1 year each) start from the major period house. From Sun is a continuous flow at the major period level. From Venus shows the movement of Agni and goes like the Ascendant method but in reverse.

Narayana Dashas can be seen even for Varga Variations (like different types of Navamshas or Drekkanas – in the options for the Dasha)

Narayana Dashas can use all dual lordships (in the options for the Dasha)

Vimshottari can be calculated from all 9 Taras. Users may be familiar with Adhana, Kshema and Utpana. Some have heard of Ardradi, that is said to be useful for the stock market. There is in fact 9 such options (including the original method) and, for the first time in any software, all 9 are provided

Reverse the order of the AntarDashas (choose the method in the options for the Dasha). Not for Vimshottari or Astotari or Rashi Dashas (as taught for one dasha by Pandit Sanjay Rath when talking with KRS)

Niryana Dasha – option to switch start to 7th place

More coming to both versions!!