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World’s largest software on Numerology on the extent of content material and Analysis. As name indicates that numerology is have a look at of numbers and their symbolic importance states that each variety is for particular characteristic property of an character. Numerology has an essential role in figuring out personality, power, weak spot, emotional stage, inherent skills, specification in ability fields and many other aspects of your lifestyles.

Major Features are :-

Finding The "Name Number" By Using Various Methods (Chaldean System, Pythagorean, Hebrew, System Of Numerary). Even one can feed and use their personal range system in this software program.

Analysis of Numerical Conjunctions.

Detail evaluation of Vedic Numeroscope.

Tools which includes Planets Ruling, What are you thinking, Numerology - "Ashtamangalam" Paddhati , compatibility take a look at, compatibility dairy maintenance and so forth.

General evaluation and precautions, Ailments and Remedies, Profession or Occupation, Weak Periods, Strong Periods, Favorable Days, Friendship, Romance, Married Life, Favorable Gems, Favorable Herbs,

Lo Shu grid is a rectangular-formed design which consists of 9 numbers from 1 to 9 with 3 rows and 3 columns. Total of each row and each column sums to 15. It is considered as sacred rectangular. Chinese, numerology has usually been associated with the Magical Lo Shu Grid, which become discovered round 4000 years in the past. The intrinsic patterns of the bottom chart, collectively with the way the numbers pass about the grid, are believed to offer clues at the traits and results of activities inside the environment. The Lo Shu grid is the primary principle in the back of “Flying Star Feng Shui” and also used in the interpretation of individual delivery charts.

Lo-Shu Grid

  • Numerological Particulars (Loshu-Grid)
  • All Important Grids (Loshu Grid, NAADI/Vedic Grid, Loshu Grid for Full Name, Loshu Grid for Popular Name)
  • LoShu-Grid Analysis (Date of Birth)
  • LoShu-Grid Analysis (Full Name)
  • Basic Details and Predictions (Root Number, Destiny Number, Mobile Number, House Number, Vehicle Number.)
  • Annual Loshu Grid and its Result and Analysis.

Western Numerology

  • Analysis Root Number (Pshycic Number, Moolank)
  • Analysis Destiny Number (Life Path Number, Bhagyank)
  • Analysis Name Number (Expression Number)
  • Analysis Birth Day Number
  • Analysis Heart's Desire Number
  • Analysis Personality Number
  • Analysis Karmic Lesson Number
  • Analysis Hidden Passion Number
  • Analysis Short Name Number (Minor Expression Number)
  • Analysis Minor Heart's Desire Number
  • Analysis Minor Personality Number
  • Analysis Challange Number-1
  • Analysis Challange Number-2
  • Analysis Challange Number-3 (Main)
  • Analysis Challange Number-4


  • The Chief Constituents of Western Numerology
    1. Significations of The Name Number
    2. Significations of The Date Number
    3. Significations of The Signature Figure
  • Finding The "Name Number" By Using Various Methods :
    1. As Per The Chaldean System
    2. As Per The Pythagorean System
    3. As Per The Hebrew System
    4. As Per The System Of Numerary
  • The Symbolic Significations of The Individual Numbers:
    1. Interpretations By Chaldean Method
    2. Interpretations By Pythagorean Method
  • Description of The Twenty-Two "Tarot" Enumeration Keys :
    1. Symbolic Significations
    2. Allegorical Significations
  • The "Numeroscope" (or Numerological Horoscope) :
  • Generic Results of The 'Numerical Conjunctions' :


  • Tripple Conjunction – Vertical.
  • Tripple Conjunction – Horizontal.
  • Double Conjunction – Vertical.
  • Double Conjunction – Horizontal.
  • Answering Interesting Questions Through Numerology :
  • Guess What A Person Is Thinking of or About ?
  • Whereabouts of Something Misplaced or Lost ?
  • Success or Realization of The Object In View.
  • Results of Planets Ruling The Weekday, Hour & Minute.
  • Divination of Winning Numbers – Single Digit & Double Digit.
  • Ancient Indian Numerology - "Ashtamangalam" Paddhati : (For Answering Specific Queries Of Serious Nature)
  • Happenings Of Past – Present – Future ?
  • Prospect During The Year Ahead ?
  • Composite Predictions from Sun-Sign and Root Number (General, Finance, Health, Favorable Dates, Unfavorable Dates, Favorable Colors, Favorable Gemstones, Climacteric years of your life)


  • Numerological Particulars in at least 50 different heads.
  • Name change option.
  • Numerological Dasha System.
  • Daily Prediction with Important things for that particulars day.
  • Monthly Prediction with Important things for that particulars month.
  • Yearly Prediction
  • Predictions for different Signs for that day.
  • In depth analysis of your name and nick name
  • Life analysis through numerology (General analysis and precautions, Ailments and Remedies, Profession or Occupation, Weak Periods, Strong Periods, Favorable Days, Friendship, Romance, Married Life, Favorable Gems, Favorable Herbs, Herbal Bath, Donations, Deity, Various Mantras (Gaytri, graham, jaap), Fasting, Vastu, Yantra )
  • You can check compatibility between your Name and Date of Birth with other factors like House Number., Mobile Number, PAN Number, Account Number, Voter I-Card Number, Aadhar Card Number and much more.

English & Hindi
Operating Systems:
Window 7,8 & 10 Compatible

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