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Mindsutra Software Technology, the leading Astrology / Horoscope software development company, presents this astrological app for horoscope / kundali based on the principles of lal kitab.

This app has the following contents :-

  • * Astrological Particulars (ज्योतिष सारिणी) All the necessary astrological Constants including
    Planets of DOB and Planets of TOB which is very important for any Lal Kitab Astrologer.
  • * Planetary Positions and Lal Kitab Chart (Tewa) (लाल किताब टेवा) All the necessary qualities
    of Planets like Fixed, Kayam, Compatible, Virtuous, slept, Graha or Rashi Effect, and Malefic
    or benefic planets.
  • * Planetary Positons and Disposition (Vedic Astrology) (ग्रह स्थिति- वैदिक ज्योतिष) (Vedic
    Astrology Lagna Kundali etc, exaltation, Nakshatra (Pada/Charan), Sub Lord, etc)
  • * Important Rules for performing Lal-Kitab Remedies (उपाय करने के नियम)
  • * Lal Kitab Chandra (Moon) Chart (Tewa) (लाल किताब चन्द्र कुण्डली)
  • * Important Aspects of Lal Kitab (लाल किताब दृष्टि)
  • * 35 Years Cycle of Lal Kitab ( Lal-Kitab Dasha) (लाल किताब दशा)
  • * Horoscope of Dharmi (Pious Chart) ( धर्मी कुण्डली)
  • * Planets in House Prediction with Precautions and Remedies. (ग्रहफल - लाल किताब)
  • * Lal Kitab Varshaphala - 120 Years (लाल किताब वर्षफल कुण्डली)
  • * Varshaphala Prediction with Remedies (120 Years) (वर्षफल - लाल किताब)
  • Lal Kitab Aspects (All Aspects)
  • Vimshottari Dasha - upto Pran Dasha
  • Transit Saturn (Sadhe-Sati)
  • General Predictions and Remedies from Lal Kitab
  • Bhav Phala and Upay in LalKitab (Detailed Analysis of All Planets and detailed Remedies)
  • Planets in House Prediction with Precautions and Remedies. (ग्रहफल - लाल किताब)
  • Life Analysis ( Health, Eductaion, Profession, Marriage, Residence Related Yogas and Remedies.)
  • Debts of Lal Kitab (लाल किताब पितृऋण और उपाय)
  • Horoscopes of Blind Planets (अन्धे ग्रहों की कुण्डली)
  • Manglik and Kaal Sarpa Dosha
  • Shani Shadhi Sati Result and Remedies
  • Lal Kitab Varshaphala (लाल किताब वर्षफल कुण्डली) - 120 years
  • All Aspects in Varshaphala Chart - 120 years
  • Varshaphala Prediction with Remedies(वर्षफल - लाल किताब) - 120 years

  • Notable Features :-

  • # This App Runs Offline. No need to connect to the internet to use this app
  • # Ability to cast horoscope in North / South and East Indian Style
  • # 100% Accurate Calculations
  • # Longitude, Latitude database of more than 250,000 places
  • # 10 types of ayanamsha
  • # 6 types of House cusp
English & Hindi
Operating Systems:
Android 2.3 and above

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