Mahalaya Shradh - Tarpan Puja For All The Souls Who Left Us Due To COVID-19

Mahalaya Shradh - Tarpan Puja For All The Souls Who Left Us Due To COVID-19

The year 2020 has shocked the humankind by representing an unexpected catastrophe by the name COVID-19. The coronavirus has brought countless unfortunate sequences with it. This virus has been an uninvited and unwanted guest, which has been rooting out the whole world slowly-slowly.

Out of all the fatal situations, this virus has caused like affecting people’s businesses, jobs, and routines badly, the biggest loss it caused is to humanity. It has bereaved many valuable lives and left the closed ones with no option but to grieve.

Being a part of the humankind, we cannot resurrect and retrieve what has gone, but we can make the bearing peaceful by praying for the gone souls’ restfulness. Going this way, we at SHIVA Trust, by following the very religious values of Hinduism, during the time of devout Hindu Mahalaya Shradh, contributed prayerful tribute and condolences to all the known and unknown souls who came across unexpected demise due to the harsh effect of COVID-19. To let their souls rest in divine solace and witness peace, we worshiped the holy river, the Ganges, and Lord Vishnu with all the Vedic rituals, followed by devoting libations & lighting lamps.

With our oblation, we prayed to the almighty to give the whole world the power to fight this ill-starred virus & disease. We adore and revere the divine deity with a hope to soon enter a revolutionized world that would be free of all the deadly viruses and misfortune.

May God bless the humankind & save us all from the mishap that’s ever going to happen!


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