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The structure of the institution of marriage is extremely complicated; it consists of various subjective and objective factors of a heterogeneous nature. Certain factors like family background, social status, financial affluence, physical appeal, educational accomplishments, professional attainments, etc can be easily viewed from outside; and decisions are often taken by basing on these external factors. To worsen the situation, modern socialistic theories have been increasingly advocating companionate marriage and encouraging love affairs - whereas history is replete with the sad stories of highly respectable persons whose lives had been miserable only because of gross dislike between husband and wife.

In recent times, some sociologists and pseudo-psychiatrists have been unnecessarily exaggerating the importance of the sex element in marriage. It is true that in such a relationship, this is definitely an important factor; when dispairity on this count sets in marriage, life appears lacking luster and charm, and incessant friction between the couples causes undue strain on the relationship. Astrological judgment duly takes this factor into account without needing biochemical testing or clinical dissection. It is judged not only under the 'Yoni' koota agreement, but also by considering the placement- and disposition- of certain planets - chiefly Mars and Venus - in certain houses (mainly the 7th). It is interesting to note that the term 'Yoni' indicates 'intrinsic nature' (not sex). The pseudo-psychiatrists consider sex as 'the most important biological function' - which had been propagated by Sigmund Freud; but astrology considers it as a 'vital force capable of being directed through creative channels' - which is quite akin to the realization of illustrious Carl Yung.

Charts Section
LLongitudes of Planets; and 1 + 3 Charts: (Lagna Kundali, Chandra Kundali, Navamsha Kundali (Traditional), & Navamsha Kundali (as per Krishna Mishra's method) ] - 1 Page.
House-cusps & House-spans; and 1 + 1 Charts: (Lagna Kundali & Bhava Kundali) - 1 Page.
1 + 3 Charts: Lagna Kundali, Drekkana Kundali (Traditional), Arudha Lagna Kundali (Traditional), Upa-Pada Lagna Kundali (Traditional) - 1 Page.
List of Sun-based & Weekday-based Upagrahas (as per Parashara & Kalidasa) - 1 Page.
Planetary Aspects (Various types) - including Degree-Aspects & Special Aspects - 1 Page.
Planetes as "Karakas" (Various types) and 'Padas' (Bhava-, Rasi-, and Graha-) - 2 Pages.
The Graha Maitri Chakras - Naisargika-, Tatkalika-, & Panchadha- Maitri - 1 Page.
The Sudarshan Chakra (Lagna-, Chandra-, and Surya- Kundalis at a glance) - 1 Page.
Ashtakavarga: Bhinna-Ashtakavarga, Sarva-Ashtakavarga, & Kaksha Strength - 3 Pages.

Charts Section

Vimshottari Dashas & 9 Antardashas (as per Traditional method) - 1 Page.
Vimshottari 9 Antardashas & Pratyantardashas (as per Traditional method) - 9 Pages.
Vimshottari Dashas & 12 Antardashas (as per Alternate method) - 1 Page.
Vimshottari 12 Antardashas & Pratyantardashas (as per Alternate method) - 12 Pages.
Jaimini Chara Dashas & Antardashas (as per RB-NS method) - 1 Page.
J.C.D. Antardashas & Pratyantardashas (as per RB-NS method) - 12 Pages.
Kala Chakra Dashas & 9 Antardashas (as per Traditional method) - 1 Page.
K.C.D. 9 Antardashas & 9 Pratyantardashas (as per Traditional method) - 9 Pages.
Kala Chakra Dashas & 9 Antardashas (as per Alternate method) - 1 Page.
K.C.D. 9 Antardashas & 12 Pratyantardashas (as per Alternate method) - 9 Pages.

Physical-/ mental- firmity & psychological disposition.
An overview of the prospect of happiness in marriage.
Prashna (horary): regarding marriage & married life.
Checking for health & wellbeing in early age-periods.
Chances of denial of marriage or delay in finalization.
Viewing the prospect of marriage from ashtaka-varga.
Finding "age-period" of marriage from various sources.
Relationships with- spouse, in-laws, & sons/ daughters.
Chances of extra-marital liaisons or second marriage.
Checking for birth in 4 'harmful' nakshatra-charans.
Problematic end-periods of some vimshottari dashas.
Special effects of rahu & ketu in female horoscopes.
Is there 'danger-zone' formed by planets/ upagrahas?
Checking for dowry-problems & untoward happenings.
Predictions for marriage & married life - from k. C. D.
Ashta-koota agreement & gun-milan score (max. 36 points).
Dwadasha-koota agreement & gun-milan score (max. 50 points).
'mangalik' blemish (or kuja-dosha) & its cancellation.
Vihaga, tatwa, vadha-vainashika, & sama-gotra dosha.
"dosha-samyam" (or balancing of malefic influences).
Affinity between two charts: sympathy or antipathy.
Birth in 4 maha-nakshatras & poor agreement scores.
Checking vimshottari dasha-sandhis & 'blank' periods.
Prospect of begetting progeny & 'gender' of children.

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